Thursday, July 28, 2011

OMG Dry Shampoo!!

OMG DRY SHAMPOO is all the rage… and it’s volumizing! What more could you ask for???

Ladies, I can’t lie… it’s confession time. I wash once a week now! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Do you?!... - ASK ME HOW!

I’m currently on day 6! I did a poof pony and put in my feather extensions- what a hot look! Even recycled an old dress from 3 years ago by changing up my accessories. Wore high heels, changed up my eye shadow, and sported my studded leather cuff! YUM. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

What if we could all be Glamorous?...

Oh wait, we can! Are you ever excited to get dressed in the morning, change your eye shadow color, and/or hairstyle for the day? Well I am! For example, I got these feather earring the other day and I can’t wait to sport these bad boys at work tomorrow (P.S. Let me know what colors you want to order ::wink wink::)
I have the best job in the world! I get to make people look good every day. And if that’s not fulfilling enough I get to be creative! I’m lucky enough to make people look awesome on their special day… their wedding!
And if that’s not enough, friends and family are always asking my opinion because they’ve turned 30, they’re going through a divorce, had a baby, or just want to update their style.
AND if that’s not enough, with my new accessory line I get to accessorize anyone who needs help changing up their look.
Don’t forget about the hair Ladies! If you want longer hair- we can do that with natural clip in extensions. And anything new for the season- bangs, curls, etc I can show you how to do it! Do you like JLo’s hair? It can be yours. Wanna look like a Gwen Stefani? Done!
AND if that’s not enough I’m challenged to change up my hair style and my look OR my accessories because I’m a walking example of GLAMHAIRUS!
So what if I want to wear feather necklace with my bikini?! If I want short hair one day- I do it. If I want to be funky and edgy the next day- I do it! If I want to be classy and sexy the following day- guess what… I DO IT. That’s the best thing about being a woman, we have the right to change our look on an as needed basis whether that be daily, weekly, monthly. Its mood changing and enlightening.
Style is ever changing and evolving just like me! And it’s so easy to do inexpensively. Why not have some fun with fashion? All you need are the right tools to make it happen- that’s where I come in!
Just last week I wore a one-piece romper and my boyfriend said I looked like Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface. LOL