The Boss.

There is so much more to entrepreneur Gina Scalpone than meets the eye. Don’t be fooled by her Barbie doll looks, this bombshell is full of drive and intelligence.

As a business owner, Gina understands the extreme importance of hard work, determination, and education as tools of empowerment and advancement. She attended Elgin Community College for Accounting, but knew this wasn’t the right path for her.
At the age of 20 Gina enrolled at Pivot Point Cosmetology school full time, while working at Mario Tricoci Gina worked her way to the top and quickly became a head stylist specializing in hair extensions and bridal/formal updos. She even had the opportunity to attend an elite updo course with Martin Parsons, which helped to refine her skills even further.

Fashion has always been a passion of Gina’s, so it was no surprise when after 14 years she left Mario Tricoci and decided it was time to start her own business in 2010. Since she is a hairstylist who loves all things glamorous, it was only natural that she decided to name her company Glamhairus. Over the past two years, the business has evolved from hair to a full service image consulting company. At this point, Glamhairus has a team of over 15 freelancers that assist with everything from bridal parties to spray tans.

Gina eventually expanded the business even further by introducing her own accessory line. After working closely with brides and accessorizing them for their big day, Gina thought it was only appropriate to start a line with exclusive pieces from New York and Chicago. The line now includes jewelry, bags, scarves, hairpieces, and more.
Gina is in the business to empower women. When she is with her clients, she does not just provide a beauty service, she gives much more of herself so that every client walks away with an exceptional experience. As an avid fashionista and lover of everything fun, fabulous, and fierce, Gina shares her personal journey, fashion, videos, tips, and stories with the World via her blog.

Gina specializes in image consulting, hair extensions, bridal/formal updos, haircuts, and hair treatments. She currently works closely with her amazing assistant Christina to grow her business by, working on special events, recording videos, and writing blogs.