Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fresh To Death... New York Style!

Oh how I love New York! 
A couple of weeks ago I did a girls weekend trip to the Big Apple. It's so different than what I thought, or even how not different than I thought. I absolutely love the downtown area.
All the Ladies! 
The first night we were in Brooklyn and met up with a group of friends. The place was called Colonia and reminded me so much of Avec, because it was small, narrow, and intimate and would totally fit into the Bucktown scene. This was an amazing way to start out the evening. We ended up sitting at the chefs table where we had carafe, after carafe, after carafe of red wine. And this was special red wine, right out of a vineyard in Jersey (who knew!). Dinner was fabulous! Shrimp, scallops, beat salad, leeks, followed by beignet, ice cream, chocolate cake, all compliments of the chef of course. The food did not stop, it just kept coming out! Afterwards we went to the Meat Packing district so we could dance the night away.

We ended up cutting the night short because we anticipated that we would go shopping the next day, but the never happened. Instead, we walked around midtown and stumbled into the plaza where Carrie Bradshaw got married and had an afternoon delight. Then we headed back to the condo we rented to get ready. This place was awesome with 2 large bedrooms, bathrooms, and a spacious living area.

After getting ready together and GLAMing up the girls with lashes, updos, and accessories, we took a cab over to Beauty and Essex for dinner. This place was like Fort Knox. First, they ask for your name and reservation at the first door. Then you walk through a pawnshop (yes I said pawnshop!), where they ask for your name and reservation again. We waited about an hour and had drinks and finally we were seated in the most Amazing booth sitting next to Stiffler from American pie.
Before we knew it, we started ordering bottles of wine and may have accidentally drank the rest of Stiffler's bottle... Oops! The DJ was ridiculous with the best mixes, which created the perfect atmosphere- there was so much good energy. The best part was in the middle of dinner when we started a full on dance party! We each took turns dancing with the waiter and other patrons, then we would sit down, catch our breath, eat some drink some more, and then get back up and start dancing again. We didn't want to leave it was so much fun. I mean honestly who has a dance party during dinner?! We Do!

After dinner we wanted to go up stairs to the club, but you couldn't just walk up there, you had to get escorted by your waiter so you could be put on another list. I mean how many lists are there!? Eventually we got in and tore up the dance floor - it was amazing

Sunday morning was unlike any other Sunday fun day that I have ever experienced. I thought Chicago had some great parties, but nothing compares to the Meat Packing district on a Sunday afternoon. That's right I said afternoon. 68 degrees, Bellinies, good friends, no responsibilities.... Perfect. We're sitting and enjoying our bottle of champagne, lobster, poached salmon breakfast sandwiches and who walks right by us... Rod Stewart. I had to do a double take or rather a triple take, because he looks so much smaller and younger in person. He was so nonchalant, just him, his new wife, and their son.... Looking more like a local, than a superstar.
Me and one of my Besties Kelly!
All of a sudden we heard bass coming from somewhere and low and behold, it was right across the street. The party to beat all parties... Bagatelle. Then we noticed all the expensive cars outside and girls dressed up for a Saturday night, but mind you its 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday! Before we knew it they started closing their windows, drapes, and doors. So of course we had to go see what all the fun was about!
The game plan was to go in 2 girls at a time, since the NY clubs are hard to get into. And much to my surprise, like many of the new NY folk, the door men were very friendly and said welcome glam girls... Come on in! 
New Friends in New York
My friend and I could barely keep our mouths shut at what we saw. The DJ was insane. People were dancing on chairs and tables and they even had giant gallon sized mimosas with 15 straws in each. 
Madness and its only 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday!
I felt like I was in a nightclub at 3 in the morning. There is nothing in Chicago that even comes close to this place, especially at this time of the day.
Biggest Bottle of Veuve EVER! 
We left around 6 PM and it was still sunny and bright so we decided to go shopping. Then we went over to the Standard Hotel for drinks and appetizers, in Soho, and shopped a little more. For dinner we went to Toy in Gansevoort for sushi and called it a night.
Sushi at Toy
On the final day most often girls left early in the morning, except for 2 of us, so we capitalized on some more shopping on the ever famous Fifth Avenue, which would compare to the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. 

LV <3
After the final girl left, I had 4 hours to explore NY by myself. What an adventure! I decided to go on a 60-minute long horse and carriage ride through Central Park, rode the subway to Soho, shopped around, and finished it off with an amazing dinner with myself at Bistro Las Amis, and finally headed home.
Carriage Ride
Central Park

The Last Supper
I was so lucky because the weather was nice the entire time. I can't wait to return to New York again!!

My New York Style
My special new purchase! <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

What I'm Going to Wear: NY Style

This weekend I’m having a girls trip in New York. I was trying to decide what to wear so I started laying things out on my bed. So instead of a What I Wore blog today, it’s going to be about What I’m Going to Wear… maybe ;)

Friday Night option 1:

Friday Night option 2:

Saturday Shopping:

Saturday Night option 1:
Saturday Night option 2:

Sunday Funday option 1:

 Sunday Funday option 2:

PS Don’t you love my new shoes…

What do you think I should wear?!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again! Pink, Pink, Pink, it’s everywhere and I’m not talking about the Victoria’s Secret line... It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

I love that the entire city is in full swing with everything pink! 

The buildings…
 The people…
 Even the Chicago Bears!

Last year’s pink extensions were such a hit, that I’m bringing them back.

For the month of October, Glamhairus will be selling pink semi-permanent hair extensions as a way to raise money for breast cancer and raise awareness. You can purchase 1 strand for $20, 2 for $35, or 3 for $50. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

Show your support – GO PINK! And call Gina at 312-646-0781 to make your appointment today!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

What I Wore

Summer is officially on its way out. Looking at these pictures makes me sad, but then reminds me that I can start incorporating some of my favorite things back into my wardrobe, like scarves and jackets!