Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This week I was involved in an amazing photo shoot. I’ve done a couple in the past, but none have ever left me with such great feelings. It so happened by chance that I was able to contribute my talents to this wonderful portfolio builder. It felt like I was helping to direct a video, with the music blaring and the high levels of energy in the room.

Not only was everyone completely professional, but they were also so easy to work with. The cohesiveness of the team made the atmosphere electric. It was great being able to give our input and being able to direct the model- Move here, put your hand like this, adjust your hair, etc. I love that we were all able to collaborate so well together to create something so beautiful. I think what I liked most is that everyone involved was a small business owner.

And now I’d like to introduce you to everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with…

Nicole DeMet was the makeup artist who orchestrated this fabulous event. Make sure to check her out at

The photographer, John Ng, was so easy to work with and had such a creative eye. Take a look at his site
Here’s a pic of John, making magic!

Then there was Princess Gard, an amazing nail artist from Ohio. You can find more info on her at
Check out the amazing job Princess did on Ambers nails!

The super stylish consultant was Heather Gouldsberry. Check her out at
Here’s Heather going over the look with Amber.

And of course the model Amber Reskey. She was so beautiful! You can follow her at

I love being a part of these creative events and I can’t wait to do one again!

Final Product Pictures to Come! Hope you enjoyed this little teaser! J

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