Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Do you know what it’s like to not know if you're coming or going? What day of the week it is or better yet what month it is?  To only be able to sleep 4 hours a night? To run around like a crazy person all day with random ADD thoughts running through your brain? I DO!

You might think this is weird, but I started doing acupuncture a couple months ago to help me deal with some things in my life as in Sleeping, Thinking, Working, Processing, Grief, Coping, and Good Energy, just to name a few. I've had problems sleeping for the last 2 years (since I've had my own business) and in the last couple months it’s gotten worse. I had a friend that had a sinus infection who went to Cherlyn Coplon for acupuncture. I thought, Whoa this is crazy. After thinking it over and hearing about the fabulous results, I thought maybe I should try her.

It’s a very calming place and of course I come in like a nutso taking pictures of the artwork on the walls and wondering where I can put them in my house. I’m finally corralled and put into a small room. You lay down on a bed in a dark room with these headphones that sync to the music in the room. It’s a combination of waves, birds, and nature. In addition to this, the movement of the bed is synchronizing with the birds, the chimes, the hums and I feel like I’m in a trance! I'm supposed to be relaxing as she treats me for sleep, but I'm thinking about a gazillion things. After the first session I started sleeping like a baby. Not only has it cured my sleep issues, it’s helped me a lot with my anxiousness. It’s helping me speak and process things more clearly because I'm thinking clearer. I’m able to calm myself down now when I feel anxious. It’s absolutely amazing!

I have these flower baskets on my balcony and I used to get so irritated that I would have to water them every couple of days. Now I wake up in the morning and I literally sit and stare at my flowers because I think they are so lovely. I asked Cheryln about this and she said that I'm allowing my body to feel and not think. Essentially I’m turning off the ego (insert Ah-Ha Moment Here)! So now instead of looking at my balcony annoyed that I have to water the flowers, I appreciate them and their beauty.

I notice now that I'm calm, so is my dog. I used to leave my house like a bat out of hell. I’m a frantic spaz sometimes and now I'm much more calm when I leave. As a result he hasn't peed in my house for 6 weeks! I knew there was something going on with him before and I couldn't figure out his odd behavior. I'm convinced that now that I've calmed down so has he. I believe that Vinnie can feel my energy and this is a perfect example.

I feel so much more appreciative of … EVERYTHING in my life!

I wanted to share with you, what I’ve been sharing with all my family. Check out Cherlyn’s site www.meridianwellnesstcm.com! I’ve probably referred 35 family members to her. Poor Cheryln now has to deal with the ridiculous stalker Scalpones!

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