Friday, March 1, 2013

My Loving Father

One year ago today we had a tragedy in my family. My father passed away.

Reflecting on this past year, I realized how much I’ve changed since my father’s death. It’s interesting how the introspective of life can adjust after one phone call. I used to say life is short, but I never truly experienced a tragedy until last year. I grew up in such a structured, loving, safe environment and didn’t know any difference. I had no idea how it could feel to lose a parent. It’s paralyzing.

My entire thought process has been taken to another level. I can’t get over how grateful I am for my dear family. They mean so much to me and now I realize that they can be gone in the blink of an eye. I now treasure each and every moment I have with the people I care about. The reality of the situation is that just because they’re here today, doesn’t mean that they’re going to be here tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like there is no normal anymore… or maybe this is the new normal.
I appreciate so much more now and I’m so thankful for my amazing clients and friends that I have who are so awesome, loyal, caring, and supportive. It was like an a-ha moment when my father passed away and I realized the floods of support I had from family and friends at the wake, but then it continued to everyone I came in contact with, including all tons of support via the web.

Recently my girlfriend had to put her dog down and I was amazed and touched how the ladies in the building came together to support her. It makes me feel so loved and happy. I feel like this is why we’ve been put on this earth… to support each other! I didn’t feel like that last year or ever before, but now I do.

After experiencing something so heart breaking it makes me appreciate everything so much more, including my dog Vinnie. Lately I think he’s been sensing that I’m upset because every night he’s been sleeping on my head.

Everything has so much more meaning to me now… EVERYTHING, every person I talk to, every situation I have, everything! We only have now, not 10 min ago, not 10 min in the future, just now, this moment… now!

I am so grateful for all the things my father taught me. It’s weird with him not being around, I find myself appreciating him more. I feel even more loved because now I see and understand how much my parents loved and sacrificed for my brother and me. It’s funny lately I’ve been catching myself repeating my father’s sayings. I’ve also realized how much he’s taught me. Because of my father I’m able to read between the lines and I’m street smart. 

I find things so clear now and didn’t see anything this way before…its so weird how that is. 
Thank you Dad. Thank you for every moment, every laugh, every cry, every time you loved me, and every time you taught me something new.

I love you!
-Gina <3 <3

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