Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vinnie's What I Wore

Woof Woof!

Hi everyone it's Vinnie, the number one man in Gina's life. As you may already know, Gina rescued me from a shelter 5 years ago. Since her Friends of Chicago's Animal Care and Control event is coming up, I thought it was appropriate to take over her What I Wore blog this week and showcase some of my favorite outfits.

Aren't these shoes fancy... 
My yellow harness and winter scarf

Christmas Outfit

My Jogging Gear

Another Winter Ensemble (with my buddy Chester who passed away this year)

Keeping it Gangsta' with my Skull and Fur Parka

Back from the Groomer in a Fashionable Blue Scarf

My 1st Halloween Costume... I'm a Squirrel 

Court Jester Outfit

Halloween Bat (Can you tell how much I love it?!)

Pumpkin Shirt

This is my Biker Harness

Winter Sweater

Beach Wear

Bedtime Covers

Rain Boots

Another Bedtime Nightie

The Famous Doggles

And lastly, my Birthday Suit!!

Don't forget to check out Mommy's event for Friends at Tarantino's on July 22nd for all my fellow rescues!!

Love, Vinnie


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