Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Hairstylist. Part I

Every week I have SO many different clients that I e-mail, text, facebook, see, and talk to. Each one of them is unique and each one has a different story to tell. That is the reason I love my job! Sometimes you never know how much you mean to a person or how much they mean to you, until they are gone. Today that feeling was validated.

And this is how I felt about my client Joan...

Joan was like a cat with 9 lives. You name it, she had it. Even though she was constantly battling some form of illness her attitude was never affected. She had great energy about her. She was vivacious, amusing, funny, and an overall good spirit. Joan meant so much to me. The last time I saw her I went to the rehabilitation center she was staying. She said she felt like a celebrity because her stylist came to cut her hair. Unfortunately, you never know when someone will be taken away from you. That is why it’s so important to spend time with the people you care about. Even through losing someone is difficult, it allows you to appreciate the time you have spent with him or her and others around you that you truly care about. I loved Joan; I will take so much from her. I am thankful that I was able to make her feel good about herself. This is the reason I started and continue to do hair.

Every client is very important to me, which is why I try to make sure I'm not distracted and on my game when with them. This way I can focus all my energy on my clients. I truly enjoy them, listening to their stories, laughing, and trying to help. I want to be there for my clients because I deeply care about all of them!

Thank you Joan for allowing me to be part of your life!

In Loving Memory

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  1. You are the best, Gina!

    Mom loved you, too. Despite the great toll her illness was taking on her, you made her smile from the inside by making her look and feel pretty again on the outside. “Gina sessions” enabled her to forget about everything else for a while. When she was going through a bad time, I would ask her if we should go see Gina and she would smile. You allowed her to feel normal again, if only for a brief moment in time.

    You truly are an extraordinary person to go out of your way and offer to come to Mom when she could no longer make the journey to you. She was the special lady who had her own stylist. Wow! It was a rock star moment! Everyone around her was jealous as I took Mom down the hallways at the rehab center. She received so many compliments after your cuts. She was soaking in the positive attention she deserved.

    She so looked forward to her visits with you. The pictures of you and her enjoying her sessions will always make me smile. It is easy to slide into a feeling of low self esteem and sadness when you are fighting a health battle that you know you can't win. Something as seemingly small as a haircut is a powerful healing tool. Coming to see you for a style, coffee and chat session over all these years was an oasis in her life. Thank you for being so sweet and making her feel so special when she was in your chair. We both could sense your sincerity.

    You uplifted her spirit, Gina. You made her smile and her cheeks blush again, and in doing that, you made me smile again, too. Thank you, Gina.