Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hair Therapy- Coming Right Up!

Frizzy. Wavy. Kinky. Bee’s Nest. Out of Control. 
Tangled. Matted. Knotted. Hot Mess.

I hear these adjectives more often than not when people describe their unruly hair. Ladies you don’t have to live with uncontrollable hair. The solution you ask? Hair Therapy!

Hair therapy consists of Keratin, which is a protein found naturally in your hair. A solution is applied to the hair and sealed with the heat of a flat iron. This process fills in the gaps in cracked, dry, or damaged hair cuticles; straightens your hair and keeps it that way.

The results of keratin-based treatments vary. There is an express, which lasts 8-10 weeks or the main, which lasts 5-6 months. The treatments take around 90 minutes, based on the length of your hair. It is also recommended right after you color, because it will seal in the color as well.

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