Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Merry Christmas Blog

Silent Night… Holy Night…. All is Calm… All is Bright… OR NOT! Welcome to the Scalpone families Christmas Chaos J

Let’s rewind to Wednesday, the start of my Christmas weekend. I decided to stay at my parent house so Vinnie and I could spend extra time with the family for holiday. My dad and I decided to take Vinster for a walk when he noticed a cop at a stop sign talking on his cell phone. My dad, being the authoritative figure that he is (or so he thinks), went up to the cop and asked him to roll down his window. He then proceeded to lecture the cop by saying, “You can’t talk on the phone while driving. That’s illegal!” The cop, somewhat ignoring my father, nodded and waved his hand. As my dad was walking away he added, “And no texting either. That’s illegal too!” I, embarrassed as can be, said, “Let’s go dad before we get arrested and mom has to bail us out of jail!”

Fast forward to Saturday morning. Like my birthday, we were back at my aunt’s house drinking lots of wine, laughing, and making fun of each other, especially my dad- The Usual. Once we were nice and toasted my aunt and uncle thought it would be fun to pull out games that are nearly impossible to play when you’re sober, let along drunk. In addition to all the game playing, everyone was taking pictures and video tapping the debauchery going down- lately we’ve been catching my grandma cheating at the games. It wasn’t just Christmas Eve at the Scalpone house, it was also my grandmothers 89th birthday. I was in charge of ordering the cake, which ended up being big enough for a family of 90… good thing there were only 15 of us. Unfortunately, my mom is highly allergic to cats so she was unable to join us for the festivities. Lucky for Vinnie though, she was able to spend the night snuggling with him until we stumbled home.

On a much more intimate Christmas day, we awoke to presents under the Christmas tree from Santa. After breakfast and a nice family walk, we watched Water for Elephants. Eventually we started getting ready anticipating the arrival of our family. With Christmas music on full blast, we enjoyed good wine, food, and company. My uncle does a Christmas newsletter every year and mentioned how he can’t wait to announce an engagement and a pregnancy in the newsletter next year. He then looks over at my sister-in-law and me- Real subtle Uncle John! The night ended with everyone opening presents and putting on a fashion show of all our new items. My grandma ended up putting all her gifts on at the same time, which includes a scarf, pin, and some bracelets- she looked like an old gypsy!

I just love Christmas time because it brings the family together with love and laughter. It is always a good time when my family is together and I am so thankful for each and every one of them!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas,
Gina <3

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