Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Found Maya a Home!!

If you’re my friend on Facebook you probably saw me repost something about Maya the Dog. And if you regularly follow my blog you may have seen THIS (http://glamhairus.blogspot.com/2012/11/free-dog-to-good-home.html) post about her too. Well good news… MAYA FOUND A HOME! My very good friend’s neighbors bailed on their rent and left their dog Maya bound to a tree. My girlfriend was fostering the dog until we could find a permanent home. Once I heard the news I was so heart broken and knew I had to get involved.
I posted Mayas story to my FB wall and my friend/neighbor’s cousin contacted me. She lost a dog a couple of weeks prior and the family was devastated, so they wanted to rescue Maya! The only problem was that she lives in California and Maya was in Atlanta, GA. Finding someone to take Maya was the easy part now we had to figure out a way to transport her.
First, we tried to figure out if anyone could drive, meet, or pick her up, but that wouldn’t work with anyone’s schedules. Next, we thought we could fly Maya to Cali, but after researching it, I found out that this is extremely dangerous for dogs! I saw an article (http://travel.nytimes.com/2011/05/22/travel/what-to-know-when-traveling-with-your-pet-practical-traveler.html?_r=0) in the NY Times that said,
“Pet safety has also become a more pressing issue. Incidents of animals being lost, injured or dying have recently risen. Thirty-nine animals died while flying aboard commercial jets in the United States last year, compared with 22 in 2009, according to the Department of Transportation. Thirteen were injured and five were lost.”
After reading that I decided we are not putting this poor, sweet, traumatized girl on a plane! It also inspired me to make people more aware of the dangers of flying your pet in cargo! Finally, we decided on a shuttle service that would pick up Maya from the ATL and take her all the way to Cali by car, safe and sound.
On November 19th, Martha (formally known as Maya) was brought HOME to the Fournier residence! Where she was greeted with open arms to her new family. Not only did Martha get a new family, but she also got a new playmate George.

She’s since been fixed and is sooo happy in her new home with her amazing new family!
It’s good to know that dreams do come true <3

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