Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Volunteering at Breakthrough Urban Ministries!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 'Tis the season for giving and we're back working with Breakthrough Ministries women's and men's shelter.

We are looking for donations or volunteers for the Big Serves at the...
Men's Shelter on Thursday, December 12th - by serving the men restaurant style, including waitstaff and menus with choices of steak and/or shrimp and lot of lot of options for side dishes and desserts.orWomen's Shelter on Friday, December 21st - with a classy, comfortable party with options for making gifts, listening to soul-filled holiday music, and enjoying flavorful holiday bites. They need ALL the help they can get. You have NO IDEA how much your time/gifts impact these men and women's lives. The shelters needs your help! When I asked what they could use, I was told whatever you have to give. I thought that was such a sweet answer, but also a red flag that they must really be in need.
The big items needed are…
• Towels
• Deodorant
• Soap
• Lotion
• Beauty Products (no hair care needed!)
• Tissues
• Tampons
• Antibacterial hand cleaner
• Socks
• Disposable Douches
• Blankets
• Business Attire (for job interviews!)
… but they will take anything you have in your heart to give!

For more information on Breakthrough check out their website at!
Check out the full wishlist for Breakthrough Ministries here...

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