Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Wore

Here's this weeks What I Wore!


Suit- Venus, Shoes - Agaci
 Close up of my shoes:
 Close up of my suit:

To the Salon:
Shirt - F21, Vest - F21, Shorts - Akira, Ring - Akira, Earrings - Glamhairus, Shoes - Agaci
 Close up of my bun:

To the Salon:
Pants - Dots, Tank - Discovery, Shoes - Bakers, Ring - Akira, Earrings - Glamhairus, Belt - Discovery

Close up of my shoes:

To the Salon (I dressed up fancier this week since it was NY Fashion Week!):

Top - Gift, Skirt - F21, Necklace - Akira, Earrings - Glamhairus, Heels - Victoria's Secret

Close up of my Top and Necklace:

To the Salon:
Romper - F21, Belt - Gift, Shoes - Bebe, Necklace - Glamhairus

Close up of one of my NEWEST pieces:

Close up of my shoes:

-Gina <3 <3

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